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Below are some of the common question regarding Solar pumping for your property. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

A solar pump is typically used at a site that is away from mains power and is used for.
Water transfer, water circulation and irrigation.

Yes. The amount of available sunlight varies depending on your location in Australia, however a solar pump will work in Southern Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Yes, the most obvious cost benefits are when you compare solar power to using diesel, petrol or A/C power to pump water. There is no ongoing cost of energy once you have installed a solar pumping system.

We can run any A/C powered pump motor with solar panels. The only limiting factor is how many solar panels can you afford to have on an installation.

We use a range of different pump types so we can pump water from Bores, Wells, Soaks, Creeks, Rivers, Dams and Tanks.

The NASTEC Pump, Motor and Controller. Electrical drop Cable, Complete Waterproof Control Box, Solar Panels, Cabling, Array Frame, Mounting Post and all the required Control equipment.
A complete plug and play system, TESTED before shipment.

Yes, this is probably the most common use of a solar pump in Australia.
We can easily produce the flows and heads associated with a windmill pumping from a bore or dam.

Yes, when ordering a NASTEC Solar Pump you just need to let us know that you want to use a backup generator and we will specify the appropriate pump and control equipment to run an A/C generator. You can even have this set up so that it happens automatically when the sun goes down.

2 Years on the pump system and 25 years on the solar panels.

Star Pumps has plenty of dealers throughout regional NSW that know all about our pump systems. If you don’t have one in your nearest town, please contact us via phone or email and we will specify a pump and hook you up with a dealer.